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  • Profile registration
    Registration fee US$100
  • Your partner
    matching with no cost
  • After confirming the partner
    extra fee US$50
  • Sharing contact info
    meeting up, dating, marriage

If you need special care from couple manager, please subscribe the premium service.

Premium service : us$500 ㆍ Special/VIP service : US$1,000~ provides genuine opportunities for singles (of first and second marriage) to find their right persons.

About the matching

  • The matchmaking analysis of Sunoo, in which we accumulated the data of 30,000 couples for the last 27 years, tells us one needs to meet his/her partner in person in order to know that (s)he is the right person.
  • Males will be matched with partners who are 7 years younger, or 5 years older than himself. Females will be matched with partners who are 5 years younger, or 7 years older than herself.
  • 0-4 matches will be offered every week. Various factors (education, occupation, financial situation, etc.) will be reasonably considered for matches. (Please note that late marriage, second marriage, or members with certain profiles might be matched with one or two members a week)
  • If you are concerned with partner’s education, occupation, or financial situation, if you have the special background, or if you need quick marriage, we recommend you subscribe the premium service in which you will receive specialized service from managers.
About the service
  • Matches introduced > check photos and profile > one-to-one meeting after the mutual acceptance
  • You will be asked to pay US$50 in case you want to request meeting after you check partner’s photos and My Story in My Matching.
  • Well-written My Story (self-introduction) will attract attention from your potential partners.
  • You can choose your privacy setting and hide your information (e.g. education, occupation, financial situation, etc.).
  • The fees are non-refundable after you share contact information.
Registration/Service Fee
  • Registration fee is valid for 1 year. Please note that the fee varies depends on member’s status.
  • You will be asked to pay US$50 after you share contact information with your partner followed by the mutual acceptance of the request.
Verification System
Send copies of documents by email( or upload to your online account.
Here's the list of the required documents:
  • ID ID/residence card, passport, driver's license, birth certificate, citizenship certificate, etc.
  • Marital Status Single verification confirmation form (email us for the form to with the subject "request for single verification confirmation form") [Never married DOWNLOAD] [Divorced/Widowed DOWNLOAD]
  • Occupation Employee ID card, paycheck stubs, or W-2, etc.
  • Education Graduation certificates, diplomas or transcripts for college, university and other higher education institutions.
Restriction of bad users reserves the right to restrict the service to bad users (e.g. bad conduct, breaking contract or promise, etc.).
  • Editing Profile Information Edit/update profile information at any time EXCEPT FOR EDUCATION AND OCCUPATION, which require submitting relevant documents for verification.
  • Closing account Customer Support page > select ‘Deactivate account’.
    ※ Temporary service deactivation: MY PROFILE page > Account Settings > select ‘deactivate’ for Self-searching and/or Matchmaker matching.
  • Privacy Settings Select to make certain information visible to/hidden from other members (including weight, employer, income, assets, and parents’ info).
  • Reopening account Customer Support page > select ‘Reactivate account’. Can reopen account from 1 week-1 year after closing (after 1 year must make new account)
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